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Letting go of relationships that have been significant is difficult, but it becomes even more difficult when that relationship was so connected to who you are, that you lose part of your identity.  There are stages of grief and loss that I can help guide you through, so that life will have meaning again.


Life situations create stress that sometimes lead to unhealthy choices and ways of coping.  This could be particularly true during the stressors of this past year. Any behavior that is overused and interferes with normal functioning can create patterns of addiction that we cannot seem to stop. The desire to change and stop these behaviors is the first step. There are a variety of ways I can help you replace these unhealthy behaviors with life-giving behaviors that contribute to your well being, peace and happiness.


Being a Marriage and Family Therapist, I recognize that relationships are life giving and create meaning for us.  Most relationship problems exist because communication has broken down.  In restoring effective means of communicating, you can honor not only your values, but listen and honor that of another.  Relationship requires authenticity.  It is my goal to help you discover your "authentic self" so that you can enter relationships that are satisfying and true.

Individual Therapy for Stress

Individual therapy is strongly recommended for people struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and during stressful times of transition.  I can help you learn more effective ways to interpret and reflect on life experiences. Through exploring your current skills, I can add such things as:  refuting negative thinking, positive self-talk, effective interpersonal communication, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation to help you create new ways to manage life and stressors. 


About 17% of people suffer an episode of depression at some time in their lives. Depressed people tend to have negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and may blame themselves for failures. Typical symptoms include: difficulty getting out of bed, loss of pleasure in activities previously enjoyed, sadness, emptiness, worthlessness, fatigue, change in appetite, difficulty sleeping and problems with concentration. Many struggle with these symptoms and have little realization that life has ceased to have meaning and enjoyment.  If these describe how you feel, therapy can help.  


Elderly Issues

It is essential that seniors learn new skills to successfully manage the aging process.  This time of life may include situations such as:  loss of meaning due to lessened activities, loss of a spouse and long-time friends, changes in physical health or memory, caring for a spouse, and even, facing approaching death.  The emotional problems associated with this time of life may create depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. I can assist you in developing strategies for this time of life and help you discover meaning and hope as you move through this time of life.


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